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Cloudde Academy is a dynamic virtual learning platform designed to empower its students with in-demand digital skills within a collaborative and structured learning environment.

This is not just another product or subdivision of Cloudde. It is something more.

It is an idea, a vision set apart to teach, create, build, innovate, and influence the minds of both young and old with a singular purpose of harnessing and honing their digital skills in the online world.


Structure & System.

This innovative academy employs a cohort model, where a group of learners progresses through the curriculum together, fostering a sense of community, shared experiences, and collaborative skill development for a certain period of time.

A cohort will run for a specific time frame. The time frame allocated for each cohort varies and it is dependent on the complexity of the digital skill.

There are different cohorts per time and a cohort can run for 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or even 12 months.

During the period a cohort is in session, new students won’t be able to join midway until a new cohort training begins.



Gift of Men.

No more dreary and boring coaches who are after your money. Here, it’s all about your growth. Interactive sessions, real-world simulations, and collaborative challenges.

You get to learn from the best in the business – our expert instructors are nott just teachers; they are mentors, guiding you to unleash your full potential, and trust us, you will unleash that potential!

Trending Cohorts

Step growth, without a steep learning curve

Structured Curriculum

Modules are strategically organized to build foundational knowledge before advancing to more complex topics.

The number of modules depend on the course being taken.

Interactive/Peer to Peer Learning

The cohorts are filled with engaging learning materials, such as live classes, projects, and hands-on exercises, to enhance the application of theoretical knowledge.


Live Q/A Sessions

Regular live Q&A sessions with instructors to provide participants with the opportunity to seek clarification, guidance, and personalized feedback.


Just like any other academy, Cloudde academy awards certificates, to all students that has been deemed fit to go out into the world with their accumulated knowledge of the digital skill learnt, during the duration of the cohort.

As an online cohort-based digital skills academy, we combine the convenience of online learning with the benefits of structured cohorts, creating an effective environment for individuals to master essential skills while building a supportive professional network.

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