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Welcome to the Audience Building Acceleration Cohort!

Whether you’re a content creator, entrepreneur, or aspiring influencer, this program is designed to supercharge your audience-building journey.

Why be a part of an unconventional cohort?

Expert Guidance

Acquire comprehensive skills through expert-led sessions, designed to deepen your understanding of audience-building strategies.

Interactive Sessions

Participate in tailored workshops that cater to various skill levels, ensuring that you’ll find valuable takeaways to enhance your audience-building prowess.

Real World Applications

Bridge the gap between theory and practice by receiving actionable insights. You also get to understand how to implement audience-building strategies directly.

How about you hear from 2 of our trainers?

We simply teach results!

Encountering and getting to know Cräcky Bröwn stands out as one of my most significant achievements in 2022.

Being under his mentorship elevated my audience-building game from ground zero to a staggering level 99.

The transformation in my community growth within just a few months of working with Cräcky has garnered widespread acknowledgment.

Those who knew me before our paths crossed have witnessed a remarkable shift in the trajectory of my audience engagement.

In the world of audience building, actions speak louder than words. Cräcky Bröwn is the mentor you’ve been searching for.

His strategies, honed through the success of his paid community boasting 2000 members in the main and onboarding sections – The Billionaire Club, are nothing short of revolutionary.”



Founder, Page Turners.

When I was at the point of rebuilding my audience from scratch, I had tried twice before with no tangible results.

However, everything changed when I had the opportunity to meet Cracky Brown. I studied his methods and took his advice on audience building, and the results have been phenomenal.

In just a matter of months, I have successfully built a highly engaged audience and 2 closely-knit communities. I have yet to come across anyone as intriguing and effective as Cracky Brown when it comes to audience building.

The proof is in his results, evident through The Billionaire Club and the successful paid timeline he operates – The Cräcky Army. When it comes to audience building, there is no need to guess or waste time in the dark.

With his expertise, you can skip the shadow boxing and gain the knowledge you need to build your audience effectively. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to success in audience building with Cracky Brown.

Oluwajumilo Cecilia

Oluwajumilo Cecilia

Founder, Porter’s Clan.

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