Turbocharge Your Audience Growth up to 100%

Welcome to the Audience Building Acceleration Cohort!

Whether you’re a content creator, entrepreneur, or aspiring influencer, this program is designed to supercharge your audience-building journey.

Let us see BEYOND!

What is ABAC?

Think Growth. Think Speed. Think Authenticity. Think Community Bonding. Think ABAC. 

ABAC is a blend of several training fields, and it is where molding begins and continues. 

ABAC is the Audience Building Acceleration Cohort, designed to instill in you everything crucial for Audience growth. 

Who is ABAC for?

YOU, if

  1. you want a tight-knit community but don’t know where to start;
  2. you want to exert influence but don’t know how;
  3. you have tried building and organizing your audience, but failed;
  4. you have value to dispense but have little to no info about who needs it;
  5. you are struggling to connect with and sell to your audience;
  6. you have started building a community and you want to get better. 

Do any of these categories describe you? 

If your answer is YES, ABAC is specially designed for you.

If your answer is NO, or you’re not sure, think again.



What social media platform(s) will ABAC run on?

ABAC will primarily operate on WhatsApp initially. However, our approach is designed for easy integration with other platforms for cross-selling. The focus is on establishing a robust platform system on WhatsApp before diversifying.


How does the six-month cohort work?

The six-month cohort follows a structured approach:

  • Enrollment and Cohort Timing:

Joining is exclusive to the cohort’s start, and if missed, participation awaits the next cohort.


  • Learning Phases:
  1. Beginner Tier (First 2 Months): Focus on building personal systems.
  2. Intermediate Tier (Next 2 Months): Emphasis on building community systems.
  3. Expert Tier (Final 2 months): Graduation phase, where participants learn to build influential systems after establishing both personal and community structures.

Who are the ABAC2024 instructors?

There are three tiers for ABAC 2024, and each tier has a designated manager. 

  • Beginner – Olajumoke Founder, Page Turners.
  • Intermediate – Oluwajumilo Founder, Porter’s Clan.
  • Expert – Cracky Brown Founder, Cloudde.

What will be taught in ABAC 2024?

Everything requisite for intentional audience building, ranging from Personal Branding to Content Delivery. 

You will learn practicable lessons, backed up by tangible evidence produced by each of your trainers. 

How do I register?

  • Mentees of Cräcky Bröwn – ₦40,000
  • Billionaires@Cloudde – ₦50,000
  • Baby Billionaires@Cloudde – ₦60,000
  • Outsiders – ₦70,000

The future is open to anyone to create. 

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